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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#17 Post-alpha Ready accepted op task blocker Post-Alpha
#69 Determine security of Effective Initiating User new op defect blocker Betatest Ready
#74 Write preallocation checkActiveTasks for setTimeout new op defect blocker Scale
#19 'extends' native new op enhancement critical
#9 AgentSystem Groups new op enhancement major
#16 Instance operators new enhancement major
#18 Fully Implement Task View and Control new enhancement major
#31 Investigate library.views.wm security new op task major
#34 Make object.LibraryNode._invoke do swapFrameCall on keyword flag new op enhancement major
#35 SyntheticClass new op enhancement major
#42 parseInputData could double dollars, unless peer.input= does new op defect major
#48 Enable functional structure.factory implementation new op enhancement major
#60 Scaling: Agent System Library new op enhancement major Scale
#61 Scaling: Federization & Replication new op enhancement major Scale
#63 Task Groups new op enhancement major Scale
#65 Assert Conversion new op enhancement major
#67 player/interpreter/enterGame sets room, calls locationUpdate new enhancement major
#70 Conditional if-then-else expression new op enhancement major
#72 Migrate to ASGI Django Channels? new op enhancement major Scale
#73 Expressional Assignment new op enhancement major Scale
#75 Optional late-binding/pooling of instruction methods new op enhancement major Scale
#76 Rewrite unbound$method to do lazy binding of end chain new op defect major Scale
#78 scatter_args loading instruction new op enhancement major
#21 'run as deauthorizable invocation frame' new op enhancement minor
#28 Finish Metaunit functionality. new op defect minor
#29 Finish mental.callGirlMethod new op defect minor
#41 Use runtime registry instead of world.heartbeat new op task minor
#66 Natives: Exception types and is$a checks new op enhancement minor Scale
#68 Compiler: optimize list new op enhancement minor
#51 Application specific django settings new op enhancement trivial
#64 Todo/XXX Scan new op task trivial
#71 Make mapping() consume generators new op enhancement trivial
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